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The Greenthumb team is equipped and ready to handle almost any job your facility needs! Our staff is trained, courteous, and confidential. We hand pick our employees to ensure we provide the best quality of work. We offer placement services as well as temporary labor.  

At Greenthumb we understand the time and effort of maintaining a reliable staff. Just provide a space and Greenthumb can set up and get the job done right. We also keep track of weights and times during trimming services to ensure efficiency and security. 

Our employees are trained to trim with efficiency while still giving each bud the care and attention it deserves. Hand trimming produces better looking product and higher yields than machine trimming. We provide all necessary materials - all we need is a small space to set up! 

Hand Trimming

Organized & Efficient

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How Greenthumb Works

Sit back and relax: A Greenthumb team will arrive to your site with an experienced team leader or even an owner and be ready to work. We provide all necessary equipment and supplies. You can have confidence in our team's focus, hard work and expertise. Our goal is to make your operation the most efficient it can possibly be so you can focus on making your business and brand grow!


Contact Us: Call us at (440) 829-3188 or click the button below to request for more information. 


Describe your Needs: Whether you need a team of 2 or 25 employees, the Greenthumb Team can assist your operation with a variety of pre and post harvest tasks including: Trimming, Big-leafing, Soil & amendment mixing, Transplanting, Trellising, Canopy Management, Cloning, Deep Cleaning, and much more!

"Greenthumb was simple to work with. We provided them with a space and they came in, set up, and took care of our harvest and fast!"

David, Processing Director, Sunshine Farms 

"Greenthumb helped our company move forward. Their employees are hard-working, well-managed, and professional. I will be using Greenthumb Staffing again."

Griffin, General Manager, Sunshine Farms

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