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Greenthumb Staffing LLC is a temporary staffing company based in Portland, OR with a focus on the Medical and Recreational cannabis industry. Our ownership team is originally from Cleveland Ohio and have strong backgrounds in staffing, payroll, HR, finance and operational management. We took our experience and moved to Oregon with a dream and we are grateful how we have been welcomed with open arms and it is place we call home now. Greenthumb Staffing has been operating for over 3 years now and is working with indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cannabis farms in Oregon and Washington State (looking to expand).

Each Greenthumb Team Member is well-versed in the Cannabis Industry and possess their OLCC Marijuana Worker Permit (Or required permit based on location). Greenthumb employees are screened and hand selected by experienced professionals to ensure clients needs will be met.

We are flexible to work with and can provide small or large amounts of quality OLCC compliant labor (20+ Employees) with reasonable notice.

Whether your team needs 2 our 25 people the Greenthumb Team is trained and experienced to help with any task your facility may need including:

- Trimming & Big Leafing
- Transplanting & Soil mixing
- Cloning 
- Pruning/Canopy Management
- Joint Rolling & Packaging
- Cleaning and much more! 


- Oil Cartridge filling & packaging

- Edible filling & packaging