High Quality Hand-Trimming

At Greenthumb we favor hand trimming over machine trimming. Hand-trimming produces a better looking final product and a higher yield than machine trimming alone.


Our on-site Quality Managers hold each employee to a high standard in terms of Quality & Speed, helping to ensure that Your Product is handled Your Way.


We understand the care and devotion it took to grow your product and we strive to put the same care into making sure each bud is trimmed properly!

Pre-Harvest and Post-Harvest Work  

Greenthumb is here to work for you! Our employees are experienced in processing large harvests with experience in:

  • Trimming

  • Big Leafing/ bucking

  • Transplanting

  • Canopy Management

  • Trellising

  • Soil & Amendment mixing

  • Cloning

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Oil Cartridge Filling & Packaging

Call us, let us know what you need, and we'll be there.

Insured and Compliant

When you choose to work with Greenthumb, you rest assured knowing that we are a fully insured company with OLCC Compliant Labor.